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I’m a Developer Evangelist and my objective is build relationships with other developers, entrepreneurs, and companies through build a community that focuses on share code, insights and tricks about all developers enviroment.

How am I?

I am a versatile entrepeneour that build responsive, engaging, web applications as well as back office platforms using a mix technologies over Windows and Linux operating systems and I want to grow up a long-term investment on relations that builds long-term loyalty.
I also deliver and implement websites using proven open source content management systems: WordPress, Drupal and Magento to name a few.
I prefer building enterprise websites with Java with Oracle Database but I’ve built websites using PHP, MySQL and design tools like Inkscape, Gimp and Adobe Photoshop and I also like the photography.

Please check my 1476153561_person-manWeb Resume and Portafolio  and
Linkedlinkedin  account to know more my previous works.

If you want a more formal way to introduce myself, please read this:

Jorge Fernandes is Bachelor in Computer Science experienced in telecommunications, security, banking and programmer since 1984. He works in BolivarTech focused on high-level decisions about scientific and technological policies and strategies of projects oriented to develop web and standalone applications, as well as smart solutions at mobiles. He always oriented to produce innovator products.sample-page


You can explore and interact with my site, obviously respecting good manners and remember: I am not responsible for the comments do not come from me or harm to others.




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